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If you first look to the issues of ownership these can all be eradicated as all the points outlined within this section are cured by the installation of a fully tiled and insulated conservatory roof. However there is one other main benefit of having these works carried out and that is return on investment. Adding square footage is pretty much guaranteed to boost value to a property; a 12 square metre single-storey extension will add an estimated value of 11 per cent (around £33,000 on the average UK home). Source the Daily Telegraph.

In addition to all the detail so far, the addition of a fully tiled and insulated roof on a conservatory makes the home far more energy efficient as quite clearly a standard conservatory with either a polycarbonate roof or a glass roof is very energy inefficient. The attached link detailed below is relevant to both sets of products and services we supply it details a level of fanaticism prevalent on energy efficiency currently in the U.K. which, at times, can be rather skewed but there is some good copy to be had from the ‘This Is Money’ article if we are selective. But nevertheless this is a good reference point.

Whilst all of this is good information and salient the overriding benefit of the whole solution is that it provides an extended living space for a client to add to their home which they can make good use of 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year for a whole range of purposes. (See Case Studies on our website for reference)

A typical installation cost for a client for a 12 square metre roof would be approximately £7500 (including VAT) the cost for adding an extension in comparison is considerably higher £20,000 plus. A typical installation for a tiled and insulated roof from Ideal Roofs Ltd. will take approximately two – three days with a lead time to works commencing of 14 days or less – with minimal disruption to the existing living and garden environments. A typical build for an extension will be 5 -6 weeks with a lead time of three months and maximum disruption to the existing living and garden environments.

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