Case Study

Case Study

Ideal Roofs Ltd

Gloria and Michael

from Gloucester had been looking at replacing the roof on their conservatory with a fully tiled and insulated solution but were confused about the making the move. After meeting with their surveyor they selected Ideal Roofs for two reasons

1) Our history and experience

2)The security of exceeding LABC/BBA approvals As Gloria noted “Choosing an Ideal roof was very easy when we saw what other companies were offering and the whole thing was completed in just two day without any fuss or bother”


Schula and Doug

from Cambridgeshire wanted to create an orangery type of effect from their existing to make the most of the spectacular views across the Fenlands. Making the decision was quite straight forward as our surveyor Dave had extensive building knowledge and experience and could share the dream they held. Doug outlined in his customer feedback

“it took one day longer than anticipated due to the weather which was beyond control ,we now virtually live in this space and apart from sleeping we spend all our time here.”


Mike and Sue

Southampton. Mike “Our daughter and son-in-law were in rented accommodation and trying to save heard for a deposit to buy their first home which was proving impossible”.

“After some discussion, it was agreed they would move into our home with us and save much quicker”

“Space was at a premium. Luckily we contacted Ideal Roofs and within three weeks we had a fully fledged extended living space with up to 40% more room to have our own spaces’ The team were excellent the job was completed in time and on time highly recommended”


Dan and Sue

from Skegness ‘We just needed more space!’ Explained Dan ‘Since our retirement we have become a second home for our grandchildren allowing our daughter to return to work full time and of course they needed somewhere to spend time and the conservatory was either too hot or too cold. So we explored the idea of having an extension built but this was cost prohibitive and very time-consuming. Putting a roof on our conservatory was a bit of a no brainer really’.

“from day one we haven’t regretted our decision and we now have so much usable space.’ ‘Thanks Dave and the Team at Ideal Roofs”


Elaine and Bob

from Birmingham. ‘The old space was more of a dumping ground really it had all the garden chairs and table stacked and also our sons bike and daughters redundant toy collection’.

‘Now we have a new second lounge / diner that lets us enjoy the view of all the hard work in the garden as well as somewhere to sit in the evening to get away from the television’.

‘The whole project took three days from start to finish and we are the envy of the neighbours who are all now considering getting a conversion done, some are even thinking of getting a conservatory too.’


Linda and Stuart

Halesowen. ‘When my father had a fall we decided he was going to come and live with us and spend time with people who love and care for him rather than hi being alone or going into the care system’.

‘We don’t have a large home but we could just about manage until we had a visit from Ideal Roofs and now we have increased our living space by 50% and accommodating dad into our home has been really good for all of us.

Dad now enjoys looking out of the window and giving instructions of how to garden, he has become really a big part of our everyday life, and is never alone anymore.’


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