Flexible Fitting

Flexible Fitting

Ideal Roofs Ltd.

For those clients who are in a position to be flexible with the timing for the installation in respect of being able to accommodate changes to our works schedule due to client change of circumstance, we can offer a substantial incentive.


Judy & Philip Strong are a retired couple who decided that Ideal Roofs were the best choice of supplier to handle their investment in expanding into additional living space by utilising their seldom used conservatory.

As they had no imminent holiday plans to consider or family/friends invasions to consider they took up the offer of our FLEXI-FIT (flexible fitting) opportunity and saved themselves almost £500.00 on the cost of their home improvement project.

We had already scheduled an installation for Moira Williams over a three-day period for 14 days ahead of Judy and Philip’s purchase date. Moira was called by her hospital regarding a replacement knee operation and this clashed with the date for the works on her project to commence. Obviously, Moira’s knee operation was a priority and we rescheduled her installation for a more convenient date while she got her medical needs attended to (it was very successful). Because we already had a FLEXI-FIT agreement in place with Judy and Philip we called them and explained the situation.
Rather than having a three-man team sitting around being unproductive for several days we were able to bring forward their installation date, maintain our workflow and keep everyone happy.

As Philip explained ‘it meant our installation went ahead a lot quicker than we originally anticipated which was just before a prolonged bout of hot weather and we were able to use the new room every single day, irrespective of the heat. Previously we would have just sat in the lounge with the conservatory doors closed to avoid the heat and the dreaded blower fans spoiling our Wimbledon experience. We also saved £500 into the bargain which has just about paid for a short cruise in October, so we are delighted with the Flex-Fit arrangement and if you are able to take advantage of the offer we would highly recommend it.’

If you too can be flexible over your fitting date schedules and make use of our Flexi-Fit scheme like Judy and Philip, let your surveyor know and maybe you can also save some money on your installation. We do like to keep our teams busy…

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