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What a lot of clients discuss with their surveyors during the visit is the lack of light once a solid roof has been fitted to an existing conservatory. It would be churlish and rather ridiculous to suggest that there will be no loss of light as quite clearly some light will be lost. However, the actual amount of light lost has to be balanced with the benefits of having a fully tiled and insulated or just insulated roof. The actual loss of real light in reality will be quite minimal for most of our customers. Have you ever been in a room with windows typically on two or three sides and complained about the lack of light? Of course not because the lack of light has never raised its head and therefore really isn’t an issue.

As we all know the sun rises in the East and sets in the West and therefore the amount of daylight will be dependent on the arc of the sun as it travels. In addition, the angle of the sun will be very much dependent on the orientation of the property (N,S.E,W.) and any unique characteristics of the property i.e. nearby buildings, trees, fences etc. Between the hours of 11:00 am—1:00 pm what you will experience isn’t typically a large surge of daylight is a large increase in the amount of glare which can be very uncomfortable, causing headaches and nausea leading some people to go off and find sunglasses to help them cope and somthing soothing to cool them down..

Also do not forget with a fully tiled and insulated roof you now have an extended living space which is available as a whole new room for you, your family, friends and relatives to use even when the sun has set for the day. Even the sun has to go to bed, What a better way is there of adding value to your home?.

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