Ideal Roofs Ltd

With in-excess of thirty years in the home improvement marketplace we know a thing or two about what makes a project successful or a failure, and in our experience there are three mainstays that must always-always-always be part of any offering we make and any installation we complete.

1. VALUE FOR MONEY – (doesn’t always have to be the cheapest)
2. CUSTOMER SERVICE – (the backbone of our success)
3. CUSTOMER SUPPORT (when needed we go an extra step)

Underpinning our success is choosing the right employees and partners to carry this through. With our state of the art C.R.M. (Customer Relationship Management) procedures and systems not only record contact with each and every customer at every stage, it also collates information securely – critical detail such as response times, communication records, invoices, payments etc. via the virtual ‘Cloud’ and available (in a scalable form) wherever it is required to ensure our business managers can react and respond immediately.Extending your living space has never been more affordable or easier.


The current average cost per square metre for an extension varies dependent on where you live but a typical cost is approximately £3500 per square metre which covers ground works, earth moving, civil works such as sewer re-location, soak away etc., dpc (damp proof course), brick works, windows, doors, roof, waterproofing, electrics, plasterworks, floor levelling, tiling and final finish its understandable that the average final cost for a 12 sq. metre room will be in the region of £42,000 plus VAT giving a final total cost in excess of £50,000 which is quite substantial and will take approximately 9 weeks and could require planning consent and building regulation intervention.


The average cost of a nine layer fully tiled and insulated roof with a plaster finish internal with replacement soffits, water goods, drain pipes and lighting will provide the same amount of space, be fully completed within a 3 day period, with minimal disruption and disturbance to the property fabric or your home and garden will be in the region of 10% or less (with our summer ‘We Pay The VAT’ offer) with no planning or building regulation involvement.


Clearly, any investment in your house or home has to have a ROI (Return on investment) even if it is just to have a nicer environment to live within (decoration) there has to be a pay back. Extending your living space is by far the best investment any home owner can make it not only does it improve the living experience it also adds value to your biggest investment YOUR HOME which will increase your equity too.


All our roofs come with a minimum 10-year warranty, however for clients who choose the structural solution we provide a 20-year warranty, as standard. Coupled with this there are also substantial manufacturers product guarantees which in most instances are for a thirty-year term or more.

Overall this provides all our clients with the surety that their replacement conservatory roof is not only ‘fit for purpose’ it is also constructed to a standard that we and our insurers are happy to underpin and allows you to buy in the comfort and the knowledge that your investment in a fully tiled and insulated conservatory roof is covered.

Obviously, there are limitations to our warranty we do not cover accidental, wilful or damages due to poor maintenance nether can we be responsible for damages due to extremes. These instances are covered by your home insurance services, please ensure you make your home insurers of the change to the conservatory roof to ensure you are covered.